PCL Pectus Scaffold

Step Change In The Reconstruction Of Congenital Chest Wall Defects:

  • An exactly matching, fully resorbable, patient-specific scaffold requiring no intra-operative trimming, conditioning, or correction.
  • Safe and less complex surgical approach: Extra-thoracic placement (i.e. outside the chest cavity).
  • Metal and silicone-free.
  • Lightweight scaffold due to high porosity architecture.

The Way It Is Now

Where We Are Going

Nuss and Ravitch procedures are routinely used in correction of chest wall defects (esp. pectus excavatum).

With a minimally invasive procedure (thoracoscopy), there is a certain risk of of bar(s) displacement, pectus excavatum recurrence-on bar removal at 2-3 years post operatively, and—in some cases—complications.

The extensive removal of cartilage with subsequent damage or removal of cartilage growth plates has also brought about problems with growth and development of the chest wall.

Our PCL pectus scaffold are fully custom-made scaffolds to fit every defect. They avoid manipulation of organs and insult of the thoracic skeletal architecture.

PCL pectus scaffold offers an extra-thoracic camouflage correction implant approach known to

  • be less complex,
  • be associated with lower surgical risk,
  • allow faster recovery compared to Nuss or Ravitch,
  • have potentially lower clinical complication rates in correcting pectus excavatum.

Importantly, it also aims to alleviates low body-image, thereby showing the potential to enhance quality of life.

How It Works