Breast Reconstruction


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BellaSeno is an ISO 13485-certified clinical-stage medical device company focusing on regenerative implants produced by additive manufacturing across multiple structural tissue reconstruction applications.

BellaSeno develops fully resorbable implants that support the growth of natural tissue and get absorbed over time.

BellaSeno’s innovative technology platform provide broad-spectrum design & manufacturing possibilities to provide a step change in multiple healthcare segments.

Please note our products are currently undergoing clinical development and are not yet available on the market.

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News January 31, 2024

New investigator-initiated clinical trials

BellaSeno’s resorbable tissue regeneration scaffolds to be conducted in Europe

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Breast Reconstruction

BellaSeno is developing a next-generation fully resorbable breast scaffold for use in Breast Reconstruction, Breast Augmentation and Revision Breast Surgeries. These scaffolds are made using a clinically-validated polymer that gets absorbed over time and gets replaced with natural tissue.

Chest-Wall Defects

BellaSeno’s fully resorbable, custom-made Pectus scaffolds are designed by expert engineers in close consultation with the treating surgeon to provide an optimum camouflage for complex chest wall defects.

Trauma & Orthopaedics

BellaSeno’s resorbable and custom-made scaffolds are designed to maximize bone graft retention and packing effectiveness for large and complex bone defects.