PCL Breast Scaffold

No More Silicone Implants:

We are developing a next-generation fully resorbable breast scaffold for use in breast reconstruction, breast augmentation and revision breast surgeries. Preclinical studies conducted have shown that:

  • Implant resorbes within 2-3 years after surgery.
  • Implants weigh >90% less compared to silicone implants.
  • There is no risk of rupture.
  • There is full-tissue integration (no encapsulation).
  • Unique patent-pending design allows fat injection from any angle enabling ease of use.

The Way It Is Now

Where We Are Going

Silicone prostheses are used in >70% of breast reconstruction and augmentations. However, these implants may be associated with complications, e.g. risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma and rupture.

To build the next generation of mammaplasty products, we need a new approach.

Our PCL breast scaffolds are based on >10 years of R&D and designed to guide the growth of natural tissue, using the patient’s own body fat harvested via routinely practiced liposuction procedure.

Multiple preclinical studies have shown that the scaffolds slowly get absorbed by the body, over 2-3 years while the patient’s own tissue forms synchronously. After the scaffold has been fully resorbed, the clinical end-result is natural soft tissue (e.g. breast) with no foreign material in the body.