PCL Bone Scaffold

Maximize Bone Graft Packing Effectiveness For Challenging Large Bone Defects:

  • Custom-made, resorbable, bone graft holding cage (PCL bone scaffold) to securely retain autologous and/or allogenic bone grafts and/or bone graft substitutes within bone voids and segmental defects during healing process.
  • Additively manufactured, fully resorbable, customizable, and cost-efficient.
  • Primary Stability and dynamic mechanical compressibility.

The Way It Is Now

Where We Are Going

Autografts are considered the gold standard for bone regeneration — however, lack of primary stability and inability to be packed in a controlled manner into large bone voids limit their potential.

Our PCL bone scaffold graft cage is expected to bring a step-change in the way bone defects are treated by ensuring that the bone graft (substitutes) stay in the correct anatomical positions.