PCL Bone Scaffold

Maximize bone graft packing effectiveness for challenging large bone defects:

  • Custom-Made, resorbable, bone graft holding cage (PCL Bone Scaffold) to securely retain autologous and/or allogenic bone grafts and/or bone graft substitutes within bone voids and segmental defects during healing process.
  • Additively manufactured, fully resorbable, customizable and cost-efficient.
  • Primary Stability and dynamic mechanical compressibility.

The Way It is Now

Where We are Going

Autografts are considered the gold standard for bone regeneration — however, lack of primary stability and inability to be packed in a controlled manner into large bone voids limit their potential.

BellaSeno’s PCL Bone Scaffold graft cage is expected to bring a step-change in the way bone defects are treated by ensuring that the bone graft (substitutes) stay in the correct anatomical positions.

The PCL Bone Scaffold range of products leverage over 20 years of pre-eminent work done in the labs of our co-founder Prof Dietmar W. Hutmacher – showing a strong track record and efficient pathway to regulatory approval.