Manufacturing Platform

BellaSeno has established a leading-edge additive manufacturing platform that is also offered to partners and customers.

The platform provides the use of design and additive manufacturing expertise of BellaSeno’s breakthrough Senella® technology to create:

  1. A wide spectrum of 3D cell culture meshes and custom scaffolds for drug screening and research use,
  2. ISO 13485-compliant CMO services for sterile absorbable medical devices.

The platform is scalable to high-throughput manufacturing in an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom. Its high-precision process allows the creation of high-porosity implants with complex internal structures critical to their function.

For further information about BellaSeno’s manufacturing capabilities for third parties, please contact

AI-driven no-touch manufacturing

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, the Company is developing a high-performance industrial scale-up process for its GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities, which include leading-edge features such as high-throughput additive manufacturing based on the so-called no-touch approach to significantly improve the safety and sterility of medical implants.

Using robotic systems and intelligent software, this will enable a constant 24-hour manufacturing flow covering all necessary process steps, while minimizing mistakes and optimizing the outcome of the production. With this approach, BellaSeno intends to significantly shorten development and manufacturing times and at the same time enhance the quality of its medical implants.

Application Areas

  • Tissue engineering and cancer research
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Drug screening