Technology Platform

By leveraging complex unit-cell architectures, high-speed additive manufacturing and clinically-proven materials, BellaSeno is redefining the possibilities of scaffold architecture, aesthetics, performance and scalability.

Key features of Yasham technology platform:

Broad spectrum of design possibilities

Enabled by BellaSeno’s custom design software, the 3D unit-cell based architectures optimize strength and flexibility. Fully open porous design enables full integration of the implant into the body (i.e. no encapsulation) and vascularization at the regeneration site.

Cost-effective mass personalization

Additive manufacturing provides full flexibility in product range — off-the-shelf, mass personalized or fully custom-made scaffolds.

Clinically proven materials

Used in unprecedented ways to achieve new levels of safety and performance at scale:

  • Wide range of material options to address any application
  • Multifunctional parts through multi-material integration and heterogenous designs.
  • Robust GMP-grade supply chain of clinically proven materials.

AI-driven no-touch manufacturing — safety by design

BellaSeno is building the world’s first AI-driven additive manufacturing facilities based on the so-called no-touch approach: intelligent software and robotics to significantly improve the safety and sterility of medical implants.

Quality at heart

ISO-13485 certification, repeatable process, reliable equipment and end-to-end GMP-grade supply chains.


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